Matej Rehulek
Born in Czech Republic, grew up in America and England; I realised I wasn't doing anything with my life. But once I got my hands on a camera I knew that this was the perfect excuse to get out of the house and do something, it allowed me to put myself in unfamiliar locations and explore what's around me. My love started with street photography and quickly grew into a burning passion, today I make art with the people around me whether I know them or not.​​​​​​​

Street Photography

This is my calling. I'm addicted to the possibility of an incredible candid shot which can appear and disappear in a fraction of a second, I spend a lot of time wandering the streets observing people and their actions. Every once in a while a perfect scene manifests itself in front of me and I'd hate to miss that opportunity.

Commercial Photography

Creating content for local business has become more than a pass time for me, working with brands, artists and models is something I thoroughly enjoy. Ensuring client briefs and expectations are met, understanding and delivering consistent photographs that represent the brand image is all part of the fun.

Portrait Photography

I love capturing people's image. Portrait photography lets me take a break from the streets and connect with people on a more emotional level rather than just aesthetically, however you can quite clearly see the street photographer in me leaking into this particular style.

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